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New Standards, New Opportunities, All Students

Welcome to the Michigan Social Studies Hub. As Michigan begins implementing the new social studies standards this website will be your most valuable tool for implementing the standards and the C3 Framework with fidelity.

Michigan's Social Studies Standards

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Michigan's newly adopted social studies standards. In the coming months a variety of supporting documents will be made available to help as districts begin successfully implementing the standards.

We've partnered with Intermediate School Districts, content organizations, universities and others to bring the best in professional learning from all areas of the state to wherever you might be.

Learn more about the professional organizations that are partnering to deliver the content you'll find on this site.

Existing projects that have already begun the process of creating and aligning resources to the new social studies standards. Check in on these projects and learn more by clicking below.

What's New For 2023-24?

Section 99d Competitive Grant Opportunity Now Live Via MDE!

Section 99d of the school aid fund allocated funds for a competitive grant opportunity for your district to improve the teaching and learning the “fullness of history” and cultural competency work. See these key details to support your thinking for your school’s application to access these funds:

  • Section 99d School Aid Bill provides $6,000,000.00 from the state for local districts to do both of the following:
  • develop and implement plans for professional learning concerning the teaching of the fullness of American history, including, but not limited to, the teaching of the history of communities of color and other marginalized communities, the teaching of local history, and the teaching of cultural competency. 
  • the purchasing of books and other educational resources for educators and students to support the goal of teaching every middle school and high school student American history that reflects the diversity of this state, including, but not limited to, the teaching of the history of communities of color and other marginalized communities. 

Grant funding is based on the following requirements to be considered an eligible recipient for an allocation:

  • Applies for funding using NexSys.
  • Provides plan to deliver high-quality professional learning in coordination with appropriate resource use.
  • Provides plan and budget that identifies resources which align with the proposed professional learning plan.
  • Provides plan describing the needs as related to the district and/or school(s).
  • Provides plan that includes listed experts to assist in the implementation of the proposal.
  • Provides plan for continued learning once the grant funding ends. 
  • Provides plan including an evaluation methodology using appropriate and rigorous measures.   
  • Provides plan that includes sufficient budget detail and is realistic for the described plan. 

For grant requirements and additional information, visit the Michigan Department of Education’s (MDEs) Section 99d website.  

Video series

Video Series

Our video series has grown! Click the picture above or the button below to view our constantly expanding offerings of recorded videos and webinars from the standard writers and our partner organizations!

GIANTS 5th and 8th Grade Rollouts will take place during the 2023-24 school year.  Click on the image below to get registration information.

The Michigan Department of Education has released guidance documents for the new Personal Finance standards.  

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The New Michigan Social Studies Standards

New Standards, New Opportunities, All Students

Educators from across Michigan have been working since 2013 to revise the Michigan Social Studies Standards. The result of over five years worth of Michigan based work is before you now.

Grade band PDFs are provided for educators looking to implement the standards across a specific grade band. All materials also contain the full introduction to the standards themselves, as well as each grade band opening.

Individual grade and course level documents are provided for educators looking to implement the standards in their specific grade level. All materials also contain the full introduction to the standards themselves as well as each grade band opening.

Supplemental documents on Michigan's new social studies standards, including a full comparison document, and documents with examples of what has changed and how.


Professional Learning From Anywhere in Michigan

With participation from Michigan's five social studies based content organizations, Intermediate School Districts, Universities, and educators we have partnered with the Michigan Department of Education to create and archive professional learning from all over the state.

Michigan Center for Civic Education

Michigan Council for Economic Education

Michigan Geographic Alliance

Michigan Council for History Education

Michigan Council for Social


Michgian Center for Civic Education

MCCE believes all students should have access to meaningful civic education learning experiences to grow vibrant and informed civic communities. MCCE champions authentic civic, government, and law-related programs including We the People, Mock Trial, Project Citizen, Civic Dialogue, and so much more. MCCE also serves districts, administrators, teachers and communities to strive toward accessible and equitable civic education.

Michigan Council on Economic Education

The Michigan Council on Economic Education is the thought leader for economic and personal finance education in Michigan classrooms. We provide pedagogical and content-based teacher professional development, connect educators with resources they need, and run student competitions to bring economics to life!

Michigan Geographic Alliance

Michigan Geographic Alliance is a network of geographers and teachers dedicated to improving education for Michigan students by providing affordable educational resources and professional development.

Michigan Council for History Education

The Michigan Council for History Education advocates and advances the study and teaching of history in schools, encourages and supports the development and implementation of meaningful and effective history curriculum and instruction, and provides activities, education, and professional interaction among students and educators alike.

Michigan Council for the Social Studies

As a member of MCSS, you will be able to share ideas and insights with your colleagues throughout the state, have access to new resource materials, and a wealth of useful services. You can develop and share ideas on the future of social studies in schools, especially the concerns of teacher preparation and innovative methodology.

Upcoming Trainings

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Resources For Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

From inquiry to assessments to curriculum: implement the standards with fidelity.

See how existing initiatives in Michigan are working to meet the rigor of Michigan's new social studies standards as well as the Arc of Inquiry. Learn more about each of these Michigan based and led projects by clicking on the links below.

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